The European Commission, together with member states, is working on a complete revision of the current customs legislation (CCC). EUROPRO has been involved in the process of consultation with European associations on the delegated and implementing act (implementing provisions).

The first phase of this has been finalised just before the summer of 2014. From September 2014 until March 2015, the second and latest phase will take place. Members can contact the EUROPRO secretariat to contribute to the consultation. After March 2015, the European Parliament will give its opinion on the final text. The UCC will enter into force step by step from June 2016 until 2020, depending on the availability of IT support.

Download European Union Customs Code (UCC)

Download draft of UCC Delegated Act* (DA)

Download draft of UCC Implementing Act* (IA)

*still under discussion - source :


Regrettably, during the latest Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization in July 2014, further implementation of the so called Bali Agreement has been blocked.

India blocked the adoption of the so called legal protocol as the country was only willing to agree after a solution has been reached for food security and buffer stocks.

EUROPRO urges all countries involved to find solutions for the present difficulties as the entry into force of the Bali agreement is urgently needed to support world trade.


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