Here are the organisations that belong to Europro :



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EFA - Germany

The CroatiaPRO Committee was founded in 1998 at the Croatian Chamber of the Economy as a national trade facilitation body to participate in SECI (The South-eastern European Co-operative Initiative).

The membership of the CroatiaPRO Committee is comprised of institutions (four ministries and the Chamber of the Economy) and private enterprises from all sectors related to international trade (retailers, wholesalers, freight forwarders, banks, transporters, insurance companies, etc.).

Europaïscher Forum für Ausserwichtschaft Verbrauchsteuern und Zoll (European Forum for International Trade). Founded in 1988 as DZV (German Custom's Legal Union), it was renamed EFA in 1995 with an enlargement towards Austriaand Switzerland. EFA is open to any person, company or institution interested in international trade questions and counts about 250 members.

The association aims to create a forum of exchange of ideas and practices of Community legislation as well as simplification and facilitation of international trade. The climax of the association is its annual European Customs Conference relating mainly to customs and tax regulations.

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EVO - Netherlands

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ODASCE - France

EVO represents the interests of some 30,000 companies in the Netherlands that transport goods. They come from a variety of sectors including: wholesale; retail; construction; agricultural; and business services. Members are users of freight services across all modes of transport (deep sea shipping, short sea shipping, air transport, road transport, rail and inland waterways) and operate both within Europe and overseas. EVO brings the views of member companies to the notice of political decision-makers and public authorities not only at regional level, but also in the Hague and Brussels. We also convey our own and our members' views to carriers in all modes of transport, both directly and through their organisations.

ODASCE, the French International Trade Facilitation and Simplification Body, is an association of French law 1901, created in July of 1972 by executives from private industries with the backing of the French Directorate General for Customs and Excise. Odasce specializing in tax and customs issues.

ODASCE group and organize the opinions of French companies through its members in the field of foreign trade. The goal is to promote the simplification of trade procedures, trade facilitation and a maximum use of new technologies in both the public and private sectors. The global objective being the reduction of costs for the private sector and an improved dialogue between administrations and businesses.


BULPRO - Bulgaria

EFTA SECRETARIAT - European Free Trade Association

ESPO - Belgium

FINSIPRO - Finland

FITPRO - Czech Republic

HTPRO - Greece

HUNPRO - Hungary

ICEPRO - Iceland

Irish Exporters Association - Ireland


POLPRO - Poland


SIMPRO - Spain

SWEPRO - Sweden